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Meet Kerri

Certified Trainer, Nutrition, Sleep and Mental Skills Coach


Kerri has been helping clients improve their lives for over a decade by implementing realistic and simple habits to help them get to their next level. She focuses on improving your nutrition, exercise, sleep and mindset.


She can help you:

  • Manage Stress

  • Improve sleep

  • Increase Strength

  • Improve Mobility

  • Increase Speed

  • Improve Mindset and Sport Psychology

  • Boost Confidence

  • Increase Energy

  • Lose Body Fat

  • Feel good in your body

  • Improve your Monthly Cycle (women only) 

Coach Kerri Smiling

Postpartum Weight Loss Program

Following Kerri's monthly program based around healthy habits within nutrition, exercise, sleep and mindset you will be able to lose weight, improve your body & mind and keep those results for years to come!


During the program you will have check ins with Kerri, tons of knowledgeable handouts, access to her app for workouts, food logging and habit tracking. 

Healthy Bowl

Kerri guided me expertly over the past 6 months and helped me increase my strength, stamina and overall wellbeing and lost a little weight also.


I enjoyed, and looked forward to, my training sessions with Kerri. She is highly knowledgeable in her field and always knew where she needed to focus my training so that I could maximize the benefits of the sessions. I always knew that Kerri would challenge me by taking me to levels that I could achieve success with even though I may not have thought I could do it.   


Kerri is a keen listener of her clients and is able to quickly adjust the training sessions based on her client's current status. I was always extremely impressed with Kerri's total focus and commitment to the client throughout the session. She is a motivator for people of all ages. I enjoy reading her Facebook posts and looked forward to her nutrition guidance.   


Kerri's future clients will be most fortunate to have her help in achieving their fitness and nutritional goals.

Marnie, Owen Sound, ON.

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