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Healthy Recipes

Here are a few free recipes you can try. Once becoming a client you will unlock a wide range of recipes including gluten free, vegetarian, low carb and more. 

Healthy Woman
"I have been training with Kerri for 2 years. I was having a lot of issues with pain and mobility in my hips and knees from years of running and intense exercise. Kerri developed a personal training plan that addressed my specific issues that I had struggled with for years. Today, I am so much stronger and have regained much of the flexibility and mobility I lost over years of neglecting to stretch and strength train. During our training sessions Kerri also provides invaluable advice on nutrition and tips for healthy living. Kerri is a compassionate professional and has also become a friend. Whatever your fitness and lifestyle goals are, Kerri can help you achieve them with per compassionate and personalized approach." 

Sara B., Toronto ON

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