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Level up your Life
Monthly Program

This 3-month program keeps you accountable by including: 1:1 calls, private support group, weekly information sent out, unlimited support, app access for personalized workouts, nutrition tailored to your needs, hormone and monthly cycle education and more to help you reach your goals as a woman. 

6 Week Fat Loss Program

This program includes access to the app for workouts, food logging, meal plans, recipes and more that are all tailored to fat loss. Start when you are ready by clicking the button below!

Monthly Challenges

I have worked with Kerri on and off for years now... and I keep coming back!  I started with Kerri what feels like forever ago looking for a personalized training program but she has supported me through so much more than physical fitness.  She has helped me to better understand my relationship with food and the value of sleep, manage stress, balance my hormones and of course build strength both physically and mentally.  She shares knowledge and resources, drawn from both personal and professional experience, to motivate in a way that has never felt judgemental or overwhelming which is something that means a lot to me.  I can be honest with her about how things are going and she is flexible in adapting in whatever way so that I can feel and be most successful.  Kerri recently supported me through my 41 week pregnancy and now postpartum with modified workouts and goal setting.  I'm not sure I've ever felt this confident and well overall, even with a 2 month old baby!  Kerri has been so much more to me than the personal trainer I was originally looking for.  I would passionately recommend her to anyone!

-Brina Aucoin

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